Who: A health conscious 20-something year old tired of living unhappily with $80K in debt, who is motivated to achieve her dreams.

What: SlimFitWallet.Wordpress.Com – A blog documenting my journey to pay off my debt while maximizing my health and style.

When: I earned this debt financing part of my undergraduate education by taking out roughly $20,000 in loans from 2006-2010 and taking out about $45,000 to finance my graduate degree in 2011. In 2012, my graduate degrees earned about $6,000 in interest and that amount capitalized on the principal balance. In 2014, I took out a car loan for about $14,000.

Where: My debt-free adventures will take place in Baltimore, MD better known as charm city (yes the The Corner, The Wire, and Serial all have told amazing stories about this city).

Why: In June 2014, I was in a car accident that totaled my used car. The car accident made me aware of my finances and the fact that I had no plan for the things I wanted in the future. After I replaced my used car with a new one, I decided to execute a plan to pay off my debt by August 2019.

How Much: $65,198.45 +$14,086.32 + 800.00 = $80, 084.77

How: As of February 2016, using the Dave Ramsey baby steps. Currently on step 2.

Email: SlimFitWallet@gmail.com
Twitter: @SlimFitWallet

-Live Debt Free

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